I’ve Been Thinking about Tunde and Obada Market

“By the time I turned 10, I couldn’t remember Tunde’s face, and that made me sad because Tunde was my first best friend. I think I was 6 years old when my family moved from my late grandfather’s house which sat in the middle of Obada market, the main open market in Ikire, where my friendship with Tunde had begun and thrived, into my parents’ fenced four-bedroom bungalow on the outskirts of Ikire where I could access Tunde only through memories of the moments we shared.”

The Week I Died

“In the ethereal darkness of my conscious mind, I considered reopening my eyes. ‘This place with the blinding bright white light must be heaven,’ I thought. Then, I started hearing a voice. It was a familiar one, but I couldn’t understand what it was saying.  ‘What if this isn’t heaven? What if there is no heaven and I’ve actually reincarnated as a newborn baby and that’s why I don’t understand what the voice is saying?’  I opened my eyes, and the place was the same. Then, a blurry dark figure crept up from my left, hovering over me.”